Routes and Tours

Route des Navigateurs

The route des Navigateurs follows Route 132 along a distance of 190 kilometres from La Pocatière to Sainte-Luce. Its salient feature is the St. Lawrence River and the way of life that it has shaped for three centuries.
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Route des frontières

Over 95 kilometres along Route 289, the Border Route will lead you from Saint-André, near the St. Lawrence, to the village of Saint-Jean-de-la-Lande, near the New Brunswick border.
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Route des Monts Notre-Dame

Québec’s newest driving tour, the Route des Monts Notre-Dame offers an easily accessible and authentic experience of great natural beauty, proud communities, and warm and welcoming residents. 
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The Grand Tour

Leave the St. Lawrence behind and head south to the hills and undulating highlands of the Notre-Dame Mountains.
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La route des WOW

The WOW Route stretches through varied environments, from the shoreline to the lakes, through forests and rural areas. 
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